Mogra Phulala


Mogara Phulala is an ideal morning Magzine family programme that promises something for every individual in the family.
To Mark a perfect start to the day, our programme starts off with devotional songs.
The first thing in morning we need to know … Continue reading



The way to reach to people’s heart is through their stomach, Mi Marathi has rightly understood the same and thus telecast program ‘Lajjatdar’ which is completely dedicated to food. A multi segmented programme is a menu card in real sense. … Continue reading

Its Show Time

SHOW TIME_150_150_Bumper

A show which covers the marathi entertainment world. It is a medium through which one can remain updated with all the current news and happennings in the marathi entertainment industry.
Its a weekly show, which features a special half an hour … Continue reading

Bhavishyavar Bolu Kahi


After the great success of Bhavishyavar Bolu Kahi judged by the huge response received in the form of mails, Phone calls and letters Mi Marathi decided to revive the program with a unique format.

From the response we … Continue reading



Kanyadaan is a story that revolves around ‘Sakhi’ a very lovable, emotional who is called to Mumbai after been brought at her uncles place in a far off village.
Sakhi steps in her new house with a hope of starting her … Continue reading

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