Casting : Avinash Narkar, Arun Nalawde, Milind Shinde, Sanjay Jadhav, Ashwini Ekbote, Shaila Kanekar and Jyoti Subhash. 

In the age of globalization every country is striving to lead. India being no different has happily being a part of it, but globalization has its own hazards which lead to down turn of many families. This film is all about the story of these families who bear the brunt of globalization and are left striving under the name of temporary employees. 

This story revolves around 70 employees who are suspended after have spent 15- 20 years serving the company. They are lead by Arvind, Khan and Arun who try their best to get all their fellow employees back on job. Their long fight against injustice is thrashed when a memorandum of understanding is signed between the union leader and the company management, where the case of these 70 employees is not even taken into consideration. 

Fed up with the management and Union leader two of the leaders i.e., Arvind and Khan put themselves to fire. Thinking it could work as an eye opener for the higher management, numb union leader and the government as a whole who is looking at the whole matter very lightly. This story gives us a fade idea of what several mill workers had to go through when Cloth Mills were shut down. 

This story revolves around the minute details of life confined employee and their families, the hardships they have to go through to earn their living and get back their respect. This story works as an eye opener for we the common man, that tomorrow it can be any one among us who can be at the receiving end and gives us an inspiration to stand and fight against the injustice till the end.