‘Aapli Sanskruti Aapla Abhimaan – Mi Marathi’

Mi Marathi an ace regional channel that is catering to viewers need for quite a while now. The channel has always aimed at providing viewers their regular dose of entertainment with a touch of uniqueness. Including freshness and variety in its wide array, the channel introduces programs for all age groups.

Mogra phulala a multi segment morning magazine program covers various subjects that our viewers would like to watch. Lajjatdar is aimed at the culinary inclined audiences.

While programmes like Anolkhi, Phiruni Navi Janmen Mi and Kanyadaan strike the emotional chord of the audience, ‘Bramhand Nayak’ and ‘Krupasindhu’ keep people bonded to their TV sets due to its devotional touch. Also astrology based program ‘Bhavishyavar Bolu Kahi’ has out rightly stood true to audience expectation by providing them exact information on unexplored subject like horoscope.

9 pm entertainment dhamaka. Mon & Tue watch music reality show ‘Awaaz Maharashtracha’ where music maestro Asha Bhosale will personally select the voice of Maharashtra for the first time in Marathi Television Industry. Wed & Thu watch ‘Bole To Malamaal’. A well known personality will keep aside his celebrity status and work in a profession of a common-man. Fri & Sat watch spine chilling ghost stories ‘Ek Taas Bhutacha’ a genre unexplored and untouched in Marathi television.

To complete the bouquet of entertainment Mi Marathi has introduced 10 pm triple comedy dose. A set of bi-weekly family entertaining comedy shows. Mon – Tue Watch Ashok Saraf Starrer hilarious comedy ‘Nana –O-Nana’. Wed – Thu comedy nok jhok between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law ‘Maddam Sasu Daddham Sun’. ‘Shrimant Gangadhar Pant’ watch Vaibhav Mangle caught in various hilarious situations, Fri-Sat.