Mogra Phulala

Mogara Phulala is an ideal morning Magzine family programme that promises something for every individual in the family.

To Mark a perfect start to the day, our programme starts off with devotional songs.

The first thing in morning we need to know is how will our day be?? The perfect answer for the need is our Segment ‘RASHI BHAVISHYA’.  Our expert Vijay Hazare gives exact prediction of every Zodiac sign and also answer to audience queries

Our ‘VASTU’ expert ‘Smriti Panchal’ personally visits your household and gives exclusiveVastu related advice through this segment. The Segment is telecast Mon – Wed

Women have a knack to decorate things and beautify their house. Understanding this we have designed segment ‘KALA KAUSHALYA’ that will cater innovative and different things made from simple material available around us. This Segment telecasted through Thu- Sat also shows various peace of art for kids.

In today’s fast moving world we are using more of English and Hindi and thus forgetting our mother tongue Marathi. Our fun filled segment ‘MI MARATHI’ is just the same. Our anchor visits various places across Maharashtra. People as a participant in this segment have to conversate in Marathi for a minute. Successful candidates get goodies from Mi Marathi.

Women achievers across India will be seen in STRI SHAKTI’ and the way to their success will be discussed and appreciated.

Leading a life in today’s fast moving world is pretty tough and many of us may feel lost at various stages. Thus to help all of them out of their problems we have introduced a special segment ‘DISHA’ which will surely help everybody in finding a way out of your problems. In this segment we will cover issues related to Legal, Marriage Counseling, Education, Health and much more.

To keep pace with today’s fast moving world we tend to catch-up with various diseases, and the solution to these lies in simple ingredients around us. You will get to know the secrets to healthy life through our segment ‘AROGYA MANTRA’. 

Many innovative and different segments will be added in near future. So just sit back and enjoy, but don’t forget to write to us your feedback.