The way to reach to people’s heart is through their stomach, Mi Marathi has rightly understood the same and thus telecast program ‘Lajjatdar’ which is completely dedicated to food. A multi segmented programme is a menu card in real sense. In its five days of telecast per week, this programme covers various subjects.

Microwave has grown big time to become a very important appliance in every house-hold. There are several recepies that can be made using microwave and Monday is day dedicated to such recepies.Every Tuesdays viewers will get to see various ‘diet food’ recepies made by our expert guests. Wednesday’s will ne dedicated to special guest who in their normal routine have acquired expertise in the field of culinary art.

Understanding our social responsibilities our Thursday’s episode is dedicated to social celebrities.People like Police officials, Postman, doctors, journalists who have dedicated their bit to society showcase their culinary skills. Friday’s enjoy with celebrities from film Industry, enjoy the experiences that these celebrities share while they make some yummy dishes!

Besides this Lajjatdar is not just responsible to tempt people to eat food but also gives them valuable health tips and suggestions over various healthy food. Maharashtra is blessed with varied food culture and Lajjatdar stands true to maintain the culture.

Watch Lajjatdar Mon – Fri 2.30 pm only on Mi Marathi